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This are images of me at various metaphysical expose through the years. The photos show my Aura at that moment in time. Auras are always in a state of flux.

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a means of taking pictures of the nonmaterial world without a camera. It provides a way of viewing the unseen patterns of energy and force fields that probably permeate all substances. It offers us a tool with which to view both art and science. The technique can serve as a medical diagnostic instrument, too. The Kirlian effect is useful for recording energy balances and harmonies in all forms of life.

The equipment which produces the Kirlian photographic effect uses no light but only the radiation spark discharging from an object being photographed on a film emulsion. The equipment consists of a metal plate and a generator or oscillator that produces a high voltage field of variable pulse and frequency. Film put in contact with the plate and with the object on top of it causes a photograph to be produced. Depending upon the type of film used - instant color film, 35-millimeter black and white film, or something else with an emulsion that records images - different colors or shadings appear in a brilliant corona surrounding the object.


Aura Photography was first experimented with by scientist Nicola Tesla in the 1890's. The Soviet Union included Aura Photography in the psychic research conducted in the 1960's. In 1975 The University of California at Los Angeles was able to measure Auras with great accuracy.

Semyon D. Kirlian a Russian technician was repairing equipment in a hospital when he noticed something unusual. He later found that through the interaction of electric currents and photographic plates, imprints of living organisms developed on film.

Kirlian and his wife developed the process in 1939. They call it the " Kirlian Effect" (pronounced keer-lee-an) In the late 1940's the Russians began serious research, but it was not until the 1970's that Kirlian photography research began in the United States.

Kirlian photography involves the transferring of a high frequency charge through a metal plate attached to a Polaroid film camera base. The finger tips are lightly placed on the film which is encased in a light-tight bag, and an electric exposure is made. Sixty seconds later, after the film develops, the Kirlian photograph is complete and the subject's energy field is revealed.

The Aura, a field of energy that surrounds every living thing, is a reflection of the body's spirit energy. Kirlian Photography measures the electromagnetic energy field. The brilliant colors presented correspond to the the energy fields that are unique to each person at the moment the picture is taken.


Since the mid sixties, teams of Soviet scientists from Moscow to Siberia have plunged into the study of these beautiful colored lights in living things and have come up with some intriguing new conceptions about the nature of life itself.

Among the initial findings: Disease shows up in a disturbed pattern of flares long before it manifests in the physical body in any diagnosable form. If portions of the physical body are cut away, the energy matrix or "phantom" of the missing part is still clearly visible in the photograph, although there is no tangible, physical substance there. Patterns vary according to mood and health and even thoughts.. Hypnosis and drugs also alter the flare pattern and colors.

The patterns of the flares arc substantially altered by weather; slay and night; cosmic disturbances, such as solar flares. The brightest flares on the body show at the points on the skin known to be acupuncture points.

I have seen pictures studying the auras of plants. A healthy plant has a nice yellow aura.

In another experiment - a subject took his picture before meditating. After meditation the aura changed drastically.

Anything can alter the color or size of the aura.


Whenever I go to a Whole Life Expo I have a Kirlian photo taken. It reflects your auric field at the moment. Each picture I have shows me in a different color. I have fun psyching the color before it develops. I'm batting 1,000 so far!

December 1984

One of the guests on my talk show brought his Krilian camera. You place your hand in a box and he photographs the energies of your fingertips. As with the other picture, above, it is picking up your energy fields. My picture had a little extra what else is new!


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Everything has an aura.

Some people can see past the 3D color/aura spectrum
and see the frequencies of light that are streaming through now.
These colors may appear as a rainbow or twin rainbows.

An aura is the electromagnetic field surrounding an object. Some people refer to this field as a bio-energy field.

In truth this energy field not only goes around you, but moves within your body as well. It is not just the outside of your body that is made of electromagnetic energies, every part of your and everything your experience in third dimension.

Auras vibrate to different color, sound and light frequencies. The color spectrum varies with one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

Auras are in a constant state of flux.

When I do a psychic reading with someone, I always check their aura first. If the aura sways back and forth, the person has a chemical imbalance, due to drugs, medication, drinking, a chemical imbalance in the body.

When I look at a photo of a person who has no aura - or the aura appears black - I know the person has crossed over - in part - or totally - as their physical body no longer has an electromagnetic energy field.

Your aura usually consist of more than one color at a time.

It can extend out very far or remain close to the body, which occurs when the person is protecting themselves form someone or something.

Some people can psychically look at the subject and see images within the person's aura. These images may include symbols/archetypes, people, digits, or even another aspect of the person's soul that is coming through in their third dimensional aura from another realm.

When two people have just been lovers, they will show up in each other auras, the color of their auras depending on the nature of their relationship.

When people have done healing work together - or shared any physical contact - they will share a common auric field for a period of time as they have just merged their electromagnetic energies.

Auras can be seen physically, or sensed psychically, or both.

To practice seeing auras - have the subject stand in front of a white background and look to the side of their body - either side is fine.

Daylight is often the best light as the sun's rays are full spectrum.

If you watch the person for a minute, you will see their electromagnetic energies as sort of wavy lines of energies. This looks a lot like the energy you see when you are watching an airplane taking off in a movie.

Please do not strain you eyes. Relax. You might want to let your eyes go a little out of focus while you are looking for an aura.

You may only see the aura for a few seconds, then it will disappear.

After you see that energy, you may also see or sense a color frequency, maybe two or three colors, in the aura.

After several minutes you should be able to see some sort of energy field around the person, even if you cannot determine the color.

Remember that auras change all the time according to the person's mood and environment.

As with all psychic tools, learning to read auras seems easy for some people while others need lost of practice.

The color of your aura is determined by your emotions, physical surroundings, spiritual work you are doing, items in the room, such as crystals which can magnify or change the colors of any aura.

Anything that can affect an electromagnetic field can affect a change in one's aura.

As everything that is in our reality is created from electromagnetic energy, everything has an aura - plants, animals, etc.

When you are working as a healer, you are bringing balance to the person's electromagnetic field.

You should observe the person slowly then determine if they have holes in their aura. It would look as if the EM energies had suddenly stopped.

This will tell you where there is a problem or imbalance in their physical body.

I always suggest you discuss the problem with the person first. All physical illness comes from the emotional body which created the problem in the first place.

You must find the psychological cause of the problem first, to determine if the person actually wants to be healed on an emotional and soul level. If they are they are not ready, the healing and balancing can only last for a sort time and will revert back, or manifest in another area of the body. All healing must be done on the soul level first!

You can use your hands in a slow sweeping motion over the part of the aura where the energy (chi) does not appear to flow properly.

As you move your hands across the person's aura - you should both experience some sort of change in the energy flow.

You do not touch the person--just the auric field of that person. This healing technique is know as Therapeutic Touch.

If you would like to see your own aura, find a mirror that is in a well lit room. Relax. Look at your head or head and shoulder area. Focus on one side of your head. Soon you should be able to see the electromagnetic energies as a field of light - around your head.

Do you want to feel the electromagnetic energies coming from your body? Try holding the palms of your hand facing each other - about two inches apart. Wait a few second. You will feel something. If you hands are nervous and cold, that will hamper the energies.

Once you begin to feel the sensation of electromagnetic energies between your palms, move them slowly to and fro. You will feel the movement of your aura. Look between your hands to see the electromagnetic energies, your aura.

Try moving your palms further and further apart slowly. See how far you can go before you no longer feel the 'pull'. Remember to check periodically by moving your hands slightly and slowly.

Now try pointing your fingers towards each other and feel those energies. Again move your fingertips to and fro.

You can repeat this with another person.

Aura energies are linked to colors, the chakra system,
musical tones/notes, as they all resonate to the same frequency.
Sound, light and color are all interconnected at source.

I have had fun changing my aura while taking an Aura or Kirlian Photo. Meditation or working with anything that can enhance your electromagnetic energy fields will raise your frequency and move you to a higher frequency color of light. In other words - you hold a few clear quartz crystals and meditate--->take your picture----> it will have a clear white tone unless you have a serious medical problem.

So as you see all things are connected by the flow of the electromagnetic energy fields that create our reality!

Articles in the News

Boy says that when he takes a look at someone's reflection in the mirror, he can see a map of the person's aura Pravda - March 2005

"I discovered my gift about a year ago" the boy said. "My father was reading an article about a person, who could see people through. I told him that I could do the same too. I asked my dad to sit in front of a mirror, and then I just enumerated all his illnesses one after another."

The 11-year-old boy has a Bible, a Quran, the prophecies of Nostradamus and medical reference books on his bookshelf. Rafael does not eat meat or dairy products at all. He does not recommend his patients to eat pork either.

Auras may be generated in the brain

Synaesthetic woman sees colors around faces and names.

Nature - October 15, 2004

She sees colors emanating like haloes from her friends and foes. Blocks of colour form in her mind when looking at names of acquaintances, or even at words like 'love' and 'hate'. And no, she will not read your aura for a low introductory fee. She is not a charlatan, or a psychic - she's a synaesthete.

People with synaesthesia, perhaps one in 2,000 by conservative estimates, get two-for-one sensory experiences. They feel music, taste art, and often see colours around words or things. A new case study now raises the possibility that cases like this are the origin of the new-age belief in 'auras', a coloured emanation of energy that can be seen only by the spiritually in-tune.

G.W. is a young woman who sees colours around words or things only when the object has an emotional association for her. Many synaesthetes see letters as coloured, for example in the word 'love', 'l' might be green, 'o' might be cream-yellow, 'v' might be crimson, and 'e' royal blue.

But instead G.W. sees the whole word 'love' as pink or orange because it is a positive word. She sees the word 'James', or James himself, as pink for the same reason: she likes him. Her case is described by Jamie Ward, a psychologist at University College London in the latest issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology1.

"She sees as things as being coloured, out there, in space," says Ward. Sometimes a colour would be attached to a whole area because of an emotion, he explains: "She went into a room, and it was a happy party, and the room kind of took on a red tint."

Colour test

To test whether G.W.'s experiences were genuine, Ward presented her with a list of names of acquaintances and words that she said evoked colour, and asked her to note down the hue she saw. A group of control subjects was also presented with similar lists of emotionally resonant words and familiar names and asked to assign each word a colour.

After a week, G.W. relabelled 86% of the words with the same colour, while the control subjects only did so for 46% of the words. Four months later, she was still giving the same colour 76% of the time.

Another test was derived from the classic Stroop test. In this, colour words are presented in another colour. For example, 'green" might be shown in red or blue.

When reading a list of words quickly, we stumble over such words. Or, when asked to tell the colour of each word as it flashes on a screen, we trip up when one of the words is a mismatched colour word.

For G.M., these bumbling reaction times also show up for her synaesthetic words. If she sees 'James' as pink, and it is presented in blue, her reaction time goes down. This effect is subtle, and according to Ward, difficult to fake.


Synaesthesia most probably comes from a cross-wiring in the brain. Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen of the University of Cambridge, UK, has suggested that it comes about when the densely connected infant brain does not prune itself rigorously enough as it grows.

Ward suggests that the cross-wired areas in this case are the retrosplenial cortex, which is associated with emotion, and the V4 area, which has been shown to be involved in colour perception. The two areas are close together in the brain.

Could people with this condition be the original aura-readers? GW doesn't have any interest in the occult, but others may have. "You can understand how people who have this and were born in a different age would consider themselves able to see spiritual states," says Ward. They would see the colours, and assume they were coming from the people, not from their own brains.

Richard Cytowic, neurologist from Washington DC and author of a 1970s book on synaethesia that helped legitimize it as a neurological condition, says that emotion always seems to be part of the experience of synaesthetes. "Even a phone number is described as delightful and luxurious," he says, "and mismatches like an ad in the wrong colour are like fingernails on a blackboard."

He is intrigued by the idea that synaesthesia could explain auras, but doesn't see a way to prove it. "We don't have any way of knowing," he says. "But certainly synaesthetes are perceiving things that others aren't. It's an interesting supposition."

Ward, like many, is a bit jealous of those with synaesthesia, but the condition seems to be present from birth and impossible to learn. "The literature of aura reading - such as it is - claims that you can train yourself to read auras," says Ward. "This I do not believe. Synaesthesia is hardwired and biological."


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Chakra means Wheel in Sanskrit.

The body has spinning energy centers that look like spinning wheels and are called, Chakras.

As with all things in our reality, they are linked to sound, light and color.

To heal, is to bring the chakras into alignment and balance.


Crown Chakra

Brow Chakra

Throat Chakra

Heart Chakra

Solar Plexus

Spleen Chakra

Root Chakra

The yoga view of the chakras.


Chakra color frequencies also follow correlate with the musical scale.

C '
Third Eye / Brow

Base: Kundalini: Root Chakra:
Located at the base of the spine.
Contains the primary 8 cells that have all of the knowledge of
creation and remain the only cells in your body that do not
change in your lifetime. It grounds us in the physical world.

Spleen: Located just beneath the navel, and
related to our sexual and reproductive capacity.
Blockage manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt.

Solar Plexis: Seat of Emotions. Gives us a sense of personal power
in the world. Blockage manifests as anger or a sense of victimization.

Heart Chakra: Blockage can manifest as immune
system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion.

Throat: Tied to creativity and communication. Feels pressure
when you are not communicating your emotions properly.

Third Eye: Pineal Gland: Is a physical eye
with the capabilities of looking upward.

Crown: Connects you with message from higher realms.
Can be experienced as a pressure on the top of the head.


1st Chakra - base/perinium, red, Earth, survival, grounding, stillness, elephant, earth

2nd Chakra - lower abdomen, orange, water, emotions, sexuality, desire, tears, crocodile, moon

3rd Chakra - solar plexus, yellow, fire, will, power, anger, joy, laughter, ram, sun

4th Chakra - heart, green, air, love, balance, compassion, antelope

5th Chakra - throat, blue, throat, ether, sound, communication, creativity, expansion, excitement, deer

6th Chakra - (third eye or adjna centre) forehead, indigo, forehead, light, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, dreaming, owl

7th Chakra - top of head, violet, top of head, thought, spiritual connection, understanding, knowing, bliss, God


The use of quartz crystal bowls in the

correct harmonic can activate and align chakras.



June 1996...Alton Barnes, England

This Crop Circle shows 12 Chakras and the Activation of our DNA

The corresponding colored crystal can be

placed on a chakra to bring balance.

The Earth, as a living organism, has its own chakra centers.
They link with major grid points based on sacred geometry.


12 Strand DNA

Our grid reality is based on the #12.

The term '12 Strand DNA' is a metaphor linked to:

- DNA contains the coded information - as if a program in a computer - the blueprint about how your life plays out. Within it are triggering mechanisms in various forms - that awakening your memory about who you are - why you are here - and the stirring you feel in your soul that something major is about to change for the better.

- Reaity is based in mathematics - the universal language as all is created by thought consciousness converted into sound, light, color, and numerical programs / grids through which we eXperience. These patterns repeat in time and are part of sacred geometry - Golden Mean - Phi - Spiraling movement of consciousness.

- 12 cones / pyramids around 1 to form grid programs

- 12=3=3D= third dimension

- 12:12 = 12+12 = 3+ 3 = 6 = Star of David - Flower of Life - Evolution of Consciousness

Reality is created by electromagnetic energy hence it is a bi-polar experience - duality - two - positive and negative aspects of the experience - to its source - 12.

Some people say we are returning to the use of 12 chakras - those above/ in hughre/ faster frequency that the 7 in our 3D bodies.

12 Strand DNA also references twins - twins strands - a metaphor for your Yin/Yang self merging. This is the soul mate you seek - who is the other aspect of who you are - the feeling of being whole and complete - one with the universe - you are the universe in this experience.

6 pairs of twin strands - 6 is Star of David and Merkaba a label we put on the way in which we spiral/ spin from one reality to another.

We seek to return to 12 - the 12 pyramids of creation aka the consciousness source of this reality.

12 is about TIME - or the illusion thereof created by the energies of the Great Pyramid (below) combined with its ethereal twin (above) - pyramid twins - the hour glass - time.

There are many courses that one can take to supposedly activate you 12 chakras and/or 12 strand DNA - but it won't happen until we are out of 3D. It's just more healing stuff and healing your issues!! and on and on and on.......

Channeled Information

12-strand-DNA - Barbara Marciniak in 1990


from Steve Thayer

According to Angel Ariel, all life follows a divine blueprint that we have labeled DNA. Science has discovered the first two physical strands of the DNA blueprint. It has been discovered to be the double helix building block of all life. There are five other double helix pairs in the DNA system.

The six pairs of strands are called the 12-strand spiritual DNA. In the 12-strand system, the first pair is physical and the other five pairs of strands are non-physical energy imprints in the human energy field. According to Ariel, the six pairs of DNA double-helix strands have the following roles in our lives.

1st Pair: governs the creation of all aspects of our physical body. It controls our genetic patterning, our physical body, our predisposition to certain health conditions, our aging process, our metabolism and much more.

2nd Pair: governs our emotional body. It creates and controls our genetic emotional profile as well as our predisposition to certain emotional conditions. For example, it governs our EQ (our emotional intelligence), determines whether we will be a type A or a type B personality and determines whether we will be introverted or extroverted.

3rd Pair: governs our mental body. It controls our genetic mental profile and determines whether our mental energy be directed toward logical, linear, rational thinking (as in a scientist or an engineer) or toward the intuitive, artistic expression. Furthermore, it controls whether we will be primarily optimistic or primarily pessimistic.

4th Pair: governs our soul. It controls our karmic patterning and our genetic soul profile.

Karmic patterning refers to the karmic pre-conditioning that we have brought into this lifetime to work with and master. Specifically, it includes karmic wounds, issues or lessons that were not resolved or completed in past lifetime experiences and which will re-manifest in this lifetime to give us with an opportunity to resolve them.

Genetic soul profile governs our soul's mission. It determines what soul level archetypal pattern we will have. For example will we be destined to be a leader, healer, builder, teacher, student, warrior, monastic, parent, etc? Furthermore, it contains a profile of the experiences we are to have, the wisdom we are to develop, the spiritual strengths we are to master, the service we are to provide to others and the path we are to take to find pure joy.

5th Pair: governs our soul cluster and controls the movement and timing of specific souls within a soul cluster to seek and find each other to the mutual fulfillment of their souls purpose.

6th Pair: governs all of creation and aligns your 12-strand DNA with divine will.