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Ghosts are spirits that have lived in physical (corporeal) bodies then crossed over. Their causes of death vary as does the reasons why they haunt specific places and people. Ghosts can be human or non-human. They may appear as ectoplasmic entities or in more recognizable forms.

Spirits always exist around us though we are unable to see into their realities as they vibrate as a different frequency than third dimension. If you compare this to tuning into a television program, you cannot link to their channel as the frequency is not in your range. Animals are more aware of ghosts than humans are as they can see and hear in higher frequency than we can.

Ghosts have personalities often similar that which they had while alive. Just because a person dies, does not mean they will become instantly enlightened, and angelic. As on the Earth plane, it takes many incarnations of clearing and healing.

Multidimensional entities have always been part of our experience in third dimension. Ghosts sightings have been reported in most parts of the planet - with some reports being written, photos, drawings, folk tales, even carved on stone (hieroglyphs in caves).

Some of the most popular places they haunt are sacred burial grounds, cemeteries, sacred/power sites, places where there are strong magnetic fields, places of religious worship, caves, places where acts of violence occurred, taverns, theaters, ancient ruins, castles, and perhaps even in your home. Many people see ghosts of family members in their home.

Ghosts are not to be confused with Angels, Spirit Guides, ET's, Nature Spirits, or other entities from different realms.

At this time in the planet's history we are going through physical and spiritual changes. Earth changes cause shifts in our weather patterns and magnetics. All of this leads to a dimensional merging that will make it easier and easier for ghosts/ spirits and other phenomena from the other side to be experienced in our third dimensional reality.


Ghosts connect to you by affecting one or more of your senses:

- Spirit manifests for you as an ectoplasmic being
- You look in a mirror and see an ectoplasmic shape thought the ghost is not visible in the room
- Electric lights or appliances flickering on and off in the room
- Peripheral vision - you see spirit out of the side of your field of vision
- A object in the room moves - that is linked to the ghost - such a picture of the ghost when it was in a corporeal body

- Floral fragrances - which are the most commons
- A scent associated with the spirit. For example - if the spirit smoked cigars while in a physical body - you might smell a cigar scent in the room.

- A tickling sensation on your body - could be a kiss or a touch by spirit
- A pressure on top of your head (which means the opening of your crown chakra to receive messages)
- A chill on the back of the neck or head---->hair standing up on your body
- A cold breeze passing through the room

- Noise - Spirit turns on an electric appliance - usually linked to them.

- Rapping?s include thumping, knocking, tapping or bumping. In ancient times rapping was thought of as an omen of approaching death.

- Ghost phone calls from a deceased soul - usually a family member. It usually means that the deceased soul wants to impart a farewell message. Many such calls occur on days of importance such as Mothers Day, holidays or birthdays. People who have received phone calls from the dead report that the voices are often exactly the same as when the person was living. The telephone rings normally but the connection has static. The voice of the deceased tends to grow fainter as the call progresses. Sometimes the voice fades away completely. In some very interesting cases the call is placed long distance and connected by an operator. Checking with the telephone company usually turns up no evidence of a call on their records.

Phone calls are sometimes placed to the dead as well. A person places a call to someone only to find out later that the person was already dead at the time of the call.


Ghost haunt people and places for many reasons.

Often they have messages they wish to convey before they move on to a higher realm - or back to the creational Source.

The messages may concern the circumstances surrounding their deaths - such as murder, suicides, accidents, other foul play.

Often the ghost has unfinished business - such as inheritances/wills - finding lost papers and other items belonging to the ghost.

Many ghosts do realize that they are dead - as the death was instantaneous rather than from a prolonged illness.

Many ghosts choose to live close to the family they were part of when they were in a physical body.

Some ghosts like to remain in the physical frequency of the home in which they once lived.

As in all things some ghosts are positive while some are negative in energy.

Often a soul does not know how to go to the creational Source. Not all ghosts understand about the other realms. Angels and spirit guides often assist them on their journey.

A manifested ghost can be seen by one or more people at the same time. But there are instances where only one person in a room can see the ghost while the other people see nothing.

Spirits exist in higher frequency realms. When a spirit manifests as a ghost - it usually is able to produce something that is physical.



Belief in ghosts can be traced back as far as 2,000 B.C. This first record of a ghost comes from the Babylonian story The Epic of Gilgamesh, and is etched in clay tablets. The story tells of the hero Gilgamesh and the ghost of his dead friend, Enkidu.

"And Nergal, accustomed to absurd orders, obeyed as soldiers do.
He freed Enkidu to speak once to kin
and showed Gilgamesh how to descend halfway
to Hell through the bowels of earth.
Enkidu's shadow rose slowly toward the living
and the brothers, tearful and weak,
tried to hug, tried to speak,
tried and failed to do anything but sob.

"Speak to me please, dear brother," whispered Gilgamesh.
"Tell me of death and where you are."

"Not willingly do I speak of death,"
said Enkidu in slow reply.
"But if you wish to sit for a brief
time, I will describe where I do stay."

"Yes," his brother said in early grief.
"All my skin and all my bones are dead now.

All my skin and all my bones are now dead.
"Oh no" cried Gilgamesh without relief.
"Oh no," sobbed one enclosed by grief.

London - Tower of London

The Tower of London has a long and bloody history. Over the past 1000 years, the Tower of London has seen more than its fair share of murders, executions, tortures and poisonings. It's little wonder therefore that a few of its victims should remain there in death.

Many ghostly legends are associated with the Tower. In 1483, two young princes were murdered in the Tower, and their ghosts were reported to have haunted the tower until the year 1674, when their bones were found and buried in a proper ceremony.

The most famous and most often reported ghost in the Tower Green is Anne Boleyn. She was beheaded by her husband, Henry VIII, in 1536. She is now said to carry her head under her arm on the eve of her death. Anne has also been seen in the Tower Chapel. One night, a guard captain and a sentry set off on their rounds, but when they reached the chapel they both noticed lights coming from inside. The captain sent for a ladder and climbed up to a window to look within. He found the interior lit with a blue-white light, and a ghostly procession of men and women in Tudor costume could be plainly seen walking down the central aisle. At the head of the procession was the spirit of Anne Boleyn. Suddenly the light faded and the chapel was left in complete darkness.

In 1816 a sentry was walking his beat in front of the Jewel House when he saw a dark shape moving on the steps of the building. He approached the figure just as the moon came out from behind some clouds, revealing a huge bear lunging at him. Panicked, he struck out at the bear with his bayonet but the blade simply passed through the bear, which then engulfed him. He was later found unconscious by another sentry and died shortly after.

Other Tower ghosts include Sir Walter Raleigh, and Guy Fawkes.

In 1816, a palace guard who was on duty spied a bear. Not realizing he was facing an apparition, the guard attempted to lunge at the creature with his bayonet. The guard reportedly later died of shock.

In 1864, a soldier saw a ghost and again attempted to use his bayonet. The soldier fainted when he realized his antagonist was a ghost, and was later court-martialed for neglecting his duties. The charges against the soldier were eventually dropped when two witnesses came forward to support the soldier's ghost story.

On the 12th February 1957 a guardsman came face to face with one of the ghostly residents at the foot of the Salt Tower. It was 3.00 am when something struck the roof of the sentry-box in which he was sheltering from the rain. Stepping out, he looked up to see what it was, and saw a shapeless white ghost on the top of the tower. He shouted, bringing out the guard captain and the duty warder. They both searched the Tower, but could find nothing. Is it a coincidence that on 12 February 1554 Lady Jane Grey was beheaded on Tower Green, which lies less than 200 yards away from the Salt Tower?

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady is famous mostly as being one of the most reliably photographed ghost in history. Although she has not been seen since 1936, she is said to wear a long brown dress or cape. No one knows who the Brown Lady is, or how she is connected to Raynham Hall.

The first sighting was reported in 1835 by a house guest, Colonel Loftus. He actually viewed her twice. He said she was wearing a brown satin dress and had only black empty sockets for eyes. Another sighting was made by Captain Frederick Marryat. He intentionally slept in the "haunted room," but instead caught a glimpse of the Brown Lady an upstairs hallway. His description was the same as Loftus', except this time the Brown Lady was carrying a lantern. Marryat happened to have a gun with him, and fired point-blank at the figure. The bullets, of course, passed right through the ghost. The ghost was not reported again until 1926, at which time it was viewed by two little boys.

In 1936, the famous photograph was taken by photographers Captain Provand and Indre Shira during a shoot for the magazine Country Life. Shira saw the ghost on the stairs, and instructed Provand to take a picture.

Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory is often called "The most haunted house in England." The site of the rectory originally held a monastery, which was inhabited by Benedictine monks.

'Ghostly' image on tape at Henry's palace

December 2003 - Ananova News

It was formerly the home of Henry VIII and has long reported to be haunted.

The 16th Century palace in south-west London is well known for alleged supernatural activity, but nothing suspicious has been caught on film before.

However, in October this year, this curious image was caught on the palace's CCTV footage.

On several occasions security guards were alerted to an open fire door in an exhibition area of the palace. After securing the door each time, they returned to their office to view the CCTV footage to see who had opened them.

On the first occasion the footage showed the doors flying wide open, but no evidence of why they had.

On the second, the guards were stunned when a ghostly figure in period dress suddenly appeared on the screen and closed the doors. The same thing happened on a third day, but again no figure appeared.

Stranger still was that a visitor had noted in the palace's visitor book that she thought she had seen a ghost in that area.

One of the palace's "custody warders" (security guards) said: "I was shocked when the CCTV footage showed an eerie figure in period dress in the doorway. It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human.

"My first reaction was that someone was having a laugh, so I asked my colleagues to take a look. We spoke to our costumed guides but they don't own a costume like that worn by the figure. It is actually quite unnerving!"

Ghosts in Ancient Rome

There are many references to ghosts in ancient Roman mythology.

In 44 B.C., Brutus, an army general, spearheaded a plot to murder Julius Caesar.

On March 15, he and his co-conspirators stabbed Caesar to death.

Shortly thereafter - Brutus was visited by a huge apparition/ghost claiming to be Julius Caesar, and who then revisited him the night before battle. The purpose of the vision became clear to Brutus, who took it as an omen of doom. The battle was lost and Brutus killed himself afterwards. In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar the phantom is described as being that of Julius Caesar.

Ancient China

There is a festival called Da Jui or The Hungry Ghost Festival which occurs on the 15th day of the seventh moon. It to appease the ghosts of the unloved or uncared for. According to Chinese mythology, the gates of hell open during the seventh month, allowing spirits to roam the earth. Spirits of those who have died at their own hands, in accidents, by drowning, or hanging, seek souls on earth to take their place in hell. Lanterns in water are used to guide these bad spirits away, and offerings of fruit and coins are left for the ghosts to take on their wanderings.


Japan's Obon Festival uses drums and dancing to ward off the evil dead, much in the same manner of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

United States - Winchester Mansion

The Winchester Mansion, in San Jose, California, was built by Sara Winchester, the widow of William Winchester. Sara visited a psychic who told her that she must build a house large enough to house the souls of all those who'd been killed by Winchester guns, and Sara spent the remaining 36 years of her life - until she died in 1922 - doing just that.

The mansion's construction is just as odd as Sara's personality. There are stairways and doors that go nowhere, secret rooms and passages, and elevators that only go up one floor. Some believe that Sara had the house built in a confusing way so that the spirits wouldn't be able to find her and seek revenge. The number 13 is prevalent throughout: 13 bathrooms, stairways with 13 steps, and so on. There is a rumor that Sara would never give her workmen the day off, because she was afraid that the day she stopped building she would die. One day, however, after many complaints, she finally gave her staff a day off, and that is the day she died.


Sometimes when the deaths of souls has been tragic - the frequency of the deaths remains in a specific geographic location which sometimes becomes activated on the anniversary of those events. These are sometimes referred to as 'Psychic Imprints'.

Wherever massive deaths and violent confrontations occur in a specific area, there is always the possibilities that ghosts may roam that area.

War Zones

In many war time battle zones - where hundreds of souls are killed in a short span of time - their souls remain trapped in the dimensions of the Earth plane - waiting to be freed. Many of them are stuck there because - they spirits do not know they have died - there are not enough guides to show them to the other side - the portals to the other close and trap them between dimensions.

The souls might even continue to fight battles in the astral plane (fourth dimension) even though the war ended a long, long time ago. They may not realize that they have died and will continue to wage battle with other trapped souls.

This could result in some degree of unexplained manifestation on the physical Earth plane - such as bushes moving - unexplained noises , etc. 'Psychic sounds' are by far the most reported phenomena in all cases of haunted areas.

Another way of looking at this are - parallel realities - where as in another reality that is parallel to us - the battle is still playing out.

People passing within the frequencies of the area where the battle occurred - will pick up the energies of the battle and the cries of the trapped souls. This will occur with stronger impact on the anniversary of the battle - when a sort of portal opens to those events. There are psychics / mediums who know how to release the trapped souls - so they no longer haunt the area.

The American Civil War (1860's)

many incidents occurred that result in ghostly manifestations to this day

The bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil occurred during the Civil war.

Incident 1:

On a balmy afternoon in June of 1863, Federal General John Buford peered through his binoculars across a field just west of the town of Gettysburg. He was perplexed as he gazed at a column of Confederate soldiers marching along Chambersburg Pike. He knew this body of men was too large for a raiding party - they were an advance element of Confederate General Heath?s division. This resulted in the pivotal battle of the American Civil War.

Three days later, fifty three thousand men would soak the fields red with the blood of the dead and dying. That would help explain why the abundance of ghost sightings are reported time and again from visitors who frequent the town and battlefield year after year. It is as well with little wonder that Gettysburg has obtained the reputation of being the most haunted place in America. Even the skeptics who refuse to believe even in the possibility of ghosts, won't refute the possibility of this haunted locale.

On July 1, 1863, what began as a skirmish soon escalated into a heated battle with the arrival of Federal General John Reynolds' infantry. The Confederates pressed, and soon found the Union troops retreating chaotically towards the little town. The streets were thick with soldiers as the Federals retreated toward a designated rallying point just beyond town at Cemetery Hill and Culps Hill. Confederate sharpshooters took up positions through out as their prey was easy and plentiful. Some took position in the Farnsworth House, a small home situated along Baltimore Pike. Their perch was magnificent due to the locale on the main road through town. They mercilessly fired upon retreating soldiers, often hitting their mark. The streets were strewn with dead.

Today, the Farnsworth house functions as a Bed & Breakfast. Bullet holes can still be seen on the southside wall. It is here that many guests report seeing an apparition at the end of the bed during the night, while other guests have reported doors opening and closing through their own volition. One woman incredulously has reported her infant being lifted by unseen hands and gently placed back down.

The Devils Den is a large patch of rocks where many Confederate sharpshooters took refuge in order to exact their death toll upon Union officers atop the hills of Little and Big Round Tops. In 1970, a tourist approached a park ranger and inquired about stories of Gettysburg being haunted. The Park Service cannot answer such questions but the ranger asked why? The woman stated as she was taking photographs of the Devils Den, a man suddenly appeared beside her and said, 'What you're looking for is over there.' Pointing northeast toward the Plum Run, she turned to look and the man vanished. The ranger asked for a description, and she felt he looked ragged and like that of a hippie. Barefooted with torn butternut shirt and trousers, wearing a big floppy hat. This was often the attire of Confederate Texans. A few weeks later, the same ranger was approached by yet another visitor with the same question. The man said he was taking pictures and a man mentioned to look elsewhere and disappeared. His description was identical to the woman's.

The Little Round Top is an unimpressive hill overlooking the Devils Den and the wheat field. As the extreme left flank of the Federal lines, it has had its share of carnage. During the filming of the movie Gettysburg, many reenactors would find themselves with some down time. Although the movie was not filmed on the battlefield, it was not uncommon for these extras to walk upon the battlefield in their period uniforms. One small group of men found themselves atop the Round Top, admiring the view as the sun began to set. A rustling of the leaves behind them alerted them to the presence of a stranger. From the brush emerged a rather haggard looking old man, dressed as a Union private. The man was filthy and smelled of sulfur, a key ingredient of the black powder used in 1863. He walked up to the men and as he handed them a few musket rounds, he said 'Rough one today, eh boys?' He turned and walked away. As the reenactors looked upon the musket rounds, they looked up to see the man had vanished. When they brought the rounds into town, they were authenticated as original rounds 130 years old! Many visitors have reported the smell of gunpowder, and have heard gunshots and screams from the Little Round Top over the years.

Friday, July 3 1863 was a new day already polluted with the stench of death and war. For two days, 175,000 men have engaged in the bloodiest battle before or since on the American continent. The morning was somewhat uneventful, with the exception of some fighting at Culps Hill; which had ended by late morning. At 1:00 p.m., 140 Confederate cannon opened fire on the Union center. For two hours, the largest cannonade ever witnessed pounded the Federal lines. So fierce was the shelling, that one could not see across the mile of open field to ascertain whether or not their targets have been hit. So loud was the shelling that the attack was heard in Washington DC; some 80 miles away. This was the preamble for one of the most infamous military events. This was the preamble for what was to become known as Pickett1s Charge.

After the second hour of the cannonade was up, some 12,000 Confederate infantrymen emerged from the woods. Formed in battle line, they began the deadly march across the mile of open field. How the Union soldiers must have gazed wide eyed as 12,000 fixed bayonets glistened in the summer sun, all preparing to converge on a single stretch of stone wall known as The Angle. Long range cannon fire sent explosive shells into the rebel ranks. As they neared, the artillerymen changed to canister shot; a typed of buckshot fired from a cannon. Closer still the rebels marched; closing holes in the line left by soldiers killed en masse.

A deafening musketry opened from the Yankee lines behind cover of the stone wall. Still, the Confederates came. As the survivors reached the stone wall, brutal hand to hand combat ensued, but alas, the rebels, tired and outnumbered quickly lost momentum. The entire charge lasted less than an hour. In that time, 10,000 Confederates lay dead and dying. With the failure of the charge, the battle ended. Robert E. Lee retreated back into Virginia. Thus ended Lee1s second invasion of the north. Thus ended the Confederacy's hope for independence. Although the war would continue for two more years, the Army of Northern Virginia would never fully recover from this loss.

The Angle is a beautifully maintained area of landscape. One can still look out across the field from where Pickett's Charge originated. A park ranger while on routine patrol one night noticed a man on horseback. As the rider neared, the ranger wondered who would be on the battlefield so late; on horseback. Upon closer inspection, the ranger noticed the attire of the rider. It was that of a Civil War officer although the allegiance could not be ascertained. The unknown horseman approached to within 10 feet of the car and promptly disappeared. Other visitors have reported the sound of galloping horses in the immediate area of The Angle, although none were present. Sounds of the cannonade have permeated through time as people report hearing the thunderous roar of battle. One visitor even reported seeing Robert E. Lee himself, sitting atop his horse, Traveler, on the opposite side of the field. A resident of Gettysburg, and amateur ghost hunter mentions that during a stroll across the field on a warm summer night, cold spots were common. Going from balmy humidity to sudden cold, so cold he could see his breath, the fellow continued the path of Pickett's infantrymen.

I have met other psychics who have been to these grounds and reported the pain and anguish from the energies of the soldiers who died in that battle.

Incident 2:

Two of the most bloody battles fought were Chickamauga and Stones River, both in Tennessee. Nearly 125,000 men fought at Chickamauga from the morning of September 19th to the 20th of 1863. When it was all over, the combined casualties numbered 37,129. They compare with 23,582 at Sharpsburg (Antietam) known as the "bloodiest day of American history" and 43,454 for the three days of fighting with larger armies at Gettysburg.

Chickamauga is derived from an ancient Cherokee word meaning "River of Death". And death was all around this heavily wooded area occasionally spotted with uncultivated, vine-strewn, thicket- matted stretches of ground sometimes disturbed by outcroppings of limestone rock. In other words, land that no farmer would have bothered with since it would have required a massive amount of work and toil to bring up to minimal farming standards. The real prize that the Union army hoped to gain from this battle was capture of Chattanooga which was the rail center and major city of the Middle South. It was the greatest Southern victory of the entire war.

There are several legends about ghosts associated with these battles -
Perhaps the most bizarre story concerns "Old Green Eyes". Who or what is Old Green Eyes?

Old Green Eyes was a soldier who died in the war.

There are two legends concerning his death.

One is that a Confederate soldier's head was severed from his body which was blown to bits by a cannon ball. All that was left to bury was his head and, according to legend, on misty nights he roams the battlefield, moaning mournfully, searching for his body.

Another legend is quoted as saying that Old Green Eyes roamed the area long before the Civil War and was even seen moving among the dead at Snodgrass Hill during a lull in the fighting. Probably the most stubborn phase of the campaign was at Snodgrass Hill which is some of the roughest and hilliest terrain in the entire park area.

Many people visiting the park near dusk have seen two big glowing eyes approaching them and have heard an agonizing groaning sound which sent shivers up and down their spine.

Charlie Fisher, a forest ranger, says that in the early 1970's two different people both wrecked their automobiles against the same tree. They both sworn to have seen Old Green Eyes.

A man named Ed Tinney did see Old Green Eyes on several occasions. He saw the ghost one foggy night while walking along one of the trails which wind through the park. He said the shape was human-like but wasn't human. When he first saw it, it was less than twenty feet away and passed right by him! He described the hair on the "thing" as long, like a woman's hair, with eyes almost greenish-orange in color. It's teeth were long and pointed like fangs and was wearing a cape which seemed to be flapping in the wind, even though there was no wind! The next thing he knew, it just disappeared right in front of him.


Much of what we would like to believe is 'spirit captured on film' can be scientifically explained - from orbs to ribbons of light - to smoky ectoplasmic shapes - to superimposed film and so on.

But there are instances where spirit is captured on film especially in the case of the white spirals - rings of energy that tower in various directions.

Look for a scientific explanation first.

There is always the possibility that there is a message for you from spirit - but be descerning.

Image of me that is superimposed - yet it speaks to me.

Ghost of the White Deer

Native American Indian Lore

A lore of the Chickasaw People of Oklahoma

A brave, young warrior for the Chickasaw Nation fell in love with the daughter of a chief. The chief did not like the young man, who was called Blue Jay. So the chief invented a price for the bride that he was sure that Blue Jay could not pay.

" Bring me the hide of the White Deer, : said the chief. The Chickasaws believed that animals that were all white were magical. "The price for my daughter is one white deer." Then the chief laughed. The chief knew that an all white deer, an albino, was very rare and would be very hard to find. White deerskin was the best material to use in a wedding dress, and the best white deer skin came from the albino deer.

Blue Jay went to his beloved, whose name was Bright Moon. "I will return with your bride price in one moon, and we will be married. This I promise you." Taking his best bow and his sharpest arrows Blue Jay began to hunt.

Three weeks went by, and Blue Jay was often hungry, lonely, and scratched by briars. Then, one night during a full moon, Blue Jay saw a white deer that seemed to drift through the moonlight. When the deer was very close to where Blue Jay hid, he shot his sharpest arrow. The arrow sank deep into the deers heart. But instead of sinking to his knees to die, the deer began to run. And instead of running away, the deer began to run toward Blue Jay, his red eyes glowing, his horns sharp and menacing.

A month passed and Blue Jay did not return as he had promised Bright Moon. As the months dragged by, the tribe decided that he would never return.

But Bright Moon never took any other young man as a husband, for she had a secret. When the moon was shinning as brightly as her name, Bright Moon would often see the white deer in the smoke of the campfire, running, with an arrow in his heart. She lived hoping the deer would finally fall, and Blue Jay would return.

To this day the white deer is sacred to the Chickasaw People, and the white deerskin is still the favorite material for the wedding dress.


Ghost ships are linked to shipwrecks and disasters on water. The ghost ship usually appears at the scene of the disaster on a stormy night - when its frequency - as if a portal has opened - returns - manifesting the ship.

Phantoms, whether observed on land or at sea, can often be explained as optical illusions. Mariners are familiar with the sight of ships sailing through the sky above the horizon--a simple mirage caused by the refraction of light rays. The Flying Dutchman legend may have originated in the account of a superstitious seaman who saw such a mirage but did not understand its nature.

Many stories involving the sightings of ghost ships come from the British Isles and surrounding areas - this includes the Goodwin Sands. Legend has it that more than 50,000 people lost their lives on the sandbank.

The 'Lady Lovibond' is the most famous of the ghost ships. It was shipwrecked on February 13, 1748. Every 50 years the Lady Lovibond is seen as a ghost ship in the area.

Pirates who sailed the seas in the 17th and 18th centuries are often associated with ghost ships.

The Flying Dutchman

Among the most famous of the phantom ships is the legendary Flying Dutchman. This sailing ship, feared by mariners as an omen of disaster, supposedly appears during stormy weather off the Cape of Good Hope, at Africa's southern tip.

According to one version of the legend, Van der Decken, the captain of the Flying Dutchman, swore that he would round the cape even if he had to sail straight into the wind. Because of this oath, Van der Decken was condemned to sail forever against just such an adverse wind.

The Queen Mary

Door 13 in the engine room is the place where a 17 year old young man was crushed trying to escape a fire. Pople have heard knocking from the pipes around the door. The door has know to feel hot to the touch at times.

Ghosts sighted here in the Shaft Alley which is the long space
that provides access to the Queen Mary's propeller shafts.

The Swimming Pool Dressing Boxes
Sounds of people having fun in the pool are heard, but on investigation there is no-one there. Some people are supposed to have seen wet footprints appearing - with no feet making them! Many years ago now, a medium was invited on board the ship and she identified the swimming pool dressing boxes as being the center of the spiritual activity on board the Queen Mary. She called one of the boxes "a portal to another realm". This is one of the most original, untouched areas of the ship. You can see the swimming pool and the dressing boxes area only via the Queen Mary's guided tour today.

In the front desk area of the ship sightings include a mysterious woman in white who will be sighted walking until blocked from view by a pillar and never coming out from behind. Also, a couple has been seen walking down the hall to either side of the main entry to the first class rooms, but are never seen in the hallways themselves.? Ghosts have been seen in other areas where people died - such as engine room #2.

During WW II - strange incidents and odors were reported.

One of the better "X-Files" episodes depicted the ship as a existing in parallel realities - our during WWII - and one in present day. You could see Muldar and Scully co-exiting in both realities. Other televison shows have mentioned the strange goings-on - on the Queen Mary.

The ship obviously has many interdimensional doorways - that would keep the best of psychics busy in any dimension.

The Queen Mary used to be owned and operated by Cunard but is now retired and permanently moored at Long Beach, California, USA.

The Queen Mary Ghost Cam


This also applies to areas where many car accidents occur and the deceased souls remain in order to influence others to make the area safer - by perhaps putting up speed signs, traffic lights, guard rails, etc. The deceased souls will be seen by those coming into the frequency.

Avon's Haunted Bridge

Between 1906 -1908 a bridge was built over White Lick Creek to hold railroad tracks.

During this period of construction one of the laborers was killed after falling into an unsealed support. The railroad didn't want to waste time or money to get him out, so the support was sealed with the worker still inside. In some versions of this tale, the worker's arm hung out of the support, and had to be cut off.

On hot summer days you can see the ghost's tears on the concrete of the bridge. Some people will tell you that there is no ghost - that the screams are just the product of wind, and that the tears are caused by condensation. But others will tell you that the ghost is real.

There are 2 other stories about ghosts connected to this bridge.

One has to do with a train engineer dying when a train crashed and went over into the creek.

The third version is about a woman who was crossing the bridge. She heard a train coming -jumped off the tracks - but her young child slipped through her arms and died!


There are instances where a person is physically seen at a specific place and time - yet that person had died a few hours before.

In this instance the arriving ghost appears as the real person, speaking and wearing the same clothes.

One might think of this as biolocation - time travel - out of body - parallel reality - or looping in the space/time continuum.

There is much about reality shifts that we do not as yet understand.

Mark Twain the writer had an experience like this. He met a women he knew at a reception and then later met her at dinner. However the physical woman was delayed on a train running late - for the reception. This reaps of parallel realities!!

In this case the woman was not actually see a ghost but it was another aspect of herself existing in a parallel reality.


Ghost Woman

Long ago there was a large band of Dakota-Sioux Indians who had spread to a village in the present Jackson Hole Basin of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

The Teton band flourished, and its people were healthy and strong because they ate plenty of buffalo meat. Usually when they camped for the night, a crier would go among the lodges and call: "There will be many buffalo tomorrow. Be on the alert!"

One day after the Tetons returned to their camp from a hard buffalo hunt, a young man announced that he wished to marry the most beautiful girl in the tribe, the Chief's daughter. Her father said, "I will not give you my permission until you bring me many horses." So the young Indian set out in search of many wild horses, hoping to please the Chief and win his beautiful daughter for his bride.

While the young brave was away, his tribe abandoned their regular campsite and moved elsewhere. Later, the young Indian returned to the deserted camp with several captured horses. As it was late in the day he thought he would take shelter nearby in a solitary lodge. At first, he could not find a doorway into the lodge, because the sides were covered halfway up with sod. Finally, he managed to make an entrance. Inside were four high posts that had been driven into the ground. The posts supported a kind of burial bed. On the bed lay a woman whose clothes were ornamented with elk's teeth. She turned her head looking down at the young Teton brave. He immediately recognized her as a member of his tribe--but now she was a Woman Ghost! They stayed there for a long time and she became his wife.

One day he said to himself, "I think I will go on a buffalo hunt." Although he did not speak aloud, the Ghost Woman knew his thoughts and said, "You are hungry for buffalo meat? Mount your horse and ride back to the bluffs. "When you come to the buffalo herd, rush into the centre of them and shoot the fattest one. Bring home the hide and buffalo meat. Roast the meat and bring me a share before you eat yours."

The young Teton Indian brave left and followed Ghost Woman's instructions. When he reached the valley, he came to a large herd of buffalo. He charged his horse at full speed into the middle of them and shot the fattest one. He skinned it and cut up the meat, carrying the robe and meat upon his packhorse. He skewered a large piece of meat and roasted it until it was cooked enough, then he took it to Ghost Woman, who was standing in the centre of the lodge. Her husband was startled to see her standing there. Rows and rows of beautiful beadwork decorated her leather clothing. Already knowing what the young brave was thinking she said, "Please do not be afraid of me! "

From that time on, they talked freely and planned what they would like to do. The young Indian brave said, "Why don't we begin our life together like our parents did when they were first married?" But the Ghost Woman replied, "No, no, that would never do, because we will need to pitch our tent during the day and travel by night." The young brave wondered about this arrangement.

That is how it happened that they travelled at night. Ghost Woman walked ahead with her head covered, never saying a word to her husband as they travelled. Her legs were invisible. She made no noise as she floated along, ghostlike.

Whenever the young Teton Indian brave thought about anything, Ghost Woman already knew what it was that he had in his mind. Is this why the Teton Indians say, "Beware of Ghosts because Ghosts know all things."

They say Ghosts know when the winds blow and which ones. Ghosts know when there will be snow. Ghosts know when there will be thunder and lightning. Ghosts are glad when the winds blow, because they can float along more swiftly as they travel from place to place.

This is the way Teton Ghost Woman and the young Teton brave lived. Their tribal people never found them again. The Chief's daughter wondered why her young brave never returned to her. Finally, the young brave also became a Teton Ghost, floating along with the Teton Ghost Woman, every night, forever.



Shanti's Spirit Story

This is Shanti - Costa Rica 1999
We are not sure what the black line is over her chin and neck.

September 9, 2003

Recently I read a woman in Washington State named Joyce. Here is Joyce's story about her daughter Shanti and Spirit...

    On March 24th, 2001 our daughter Shanti was on her way home from an overnight camping trip with her boyfriend Aaron. He was driving and Shanti was asleep in the front passenger seat. Neither one had on their seatbelts.

    Aaron fell asleep while driving and the car hit a cement abutment going thirty five miles per hour. Shanti was killed instantly and Aaron, after being partially thrown through the windshield, suffered a severe head injury. He died twice in the helicopter but was revived both times and ultimately survived.

    Needless to say a parent's worst nightmare had become a reality for us.

    Shanti was a bright light in this world. You met her - you loved her. She had a beautiful smile, a gentle nature, and a lust for living each day to the fullest. She had just graduated from college with a B.A. in Spanish a language she loved and spoke fluently in her travels to Costa Rica, Spain, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. She was a ballet dancer and loved to Salsa dance. She was a lover of children and would have made a wonderful mom.

    Shanti touched so many lives we had to hold her memorial service in the high school gym. We have survived this because we have a big family, including friends, who have held us up and reminded us that Shanti's love continues to flow through us out into the world.

    Some people don't understand how we can continue to see Aaron, let alone have him come to our house for dinner. We tell them that first of all Aaron's life has been changed forever. He has a long scar on his forehead and suffers from seizures and is going to have brain surgery to remove the scar tissue that is causing them. And secondly {and most important} we are doing what Shanti expects us to do and that is all about forgiveness and LOVE. Shanti taught us the importance of living each day in this existence with a bright light and loving heart and we are blessed to have her in our lives.

    We feel that Shanti's passing put us on a new path. She led us to Ellie and Crystalinks and The Flower of Life. She has shown us how to look at this reality in a different light with open minds and loving hearts.

    With love,

Date: March 24, 2002 - the first anniversary of Shanti's crossing
Place: North Bend, Washington
Camera: Digital camera
Comments: This was the only picture on the disc with spirit orbs and sepia tones


Ghostly Projections of Twin Towers

Original Image taken with a digital camera

I darkened the image to bring up the details of the projection!

Photo sent by Terri Robinson. "This picture will give you goose bumps! Friends of ours from Ireland stopped over in New York to do the tourist thing before traveling on to Colorado for a conference. On their boat tour of NYC they snapped this photo that clearly shows the shadows of two towering buildings that are no longer standing in the city. The picture has not been digitally tampered with. Things that make you go, "hmmmmmm"!!! Awesome!"