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About Sumith Details

- some of my television awards
some of my television awards
I was able to be associated with Sri Lanka Television from its earliest days on. Television was introduced to Sri Lanka in 1979, with Independent Television Network (I.T.N,) as the first TV station. In 1985 the first Teledrama of I.T.N. was televised .This serialized Teledrama was ŠÁVajiraŠŤ I functioned as the Assistant Director of this Teledrama. Subsequently I functioned as the Production Manager of ŠÁGlass HousesŠŤ, a 24 episode teledrama. The following are the single episode Teledramas I directed. 

 - Nimthera ( The Edge of the Horizon ) 
-  Ashirwada (Blessings ) 
-  Lendora (Door of the Cave ) 
-  Sankranthiya ( Transition )
- Abinishkramanaya ( Renunciation)

These were telecast by I.T.N, and proved quiet popular.

I functioned as the Associate Director of the following single episode Teledramas. 

-  Nivaridi danduwama ( The correct punishment ) 
-  Attatu sindila (wings clipped ) 
-  Goda geravili (Earth Thunder )
-  Eloving banek (A son  in- Law from the other World ) 

Subsequently, I joined  Kopikade  ( Coffee shop ).To date, it has gone past its 1000th episode. This serialized TeleDrama has established records in South Asia. I have directed more than 300 episodes of this series. This has continued to remain the most popular TeleDrama series in Sri Lanka. It is widely known that I constructed the script for some of these episodes and directed them myself. Some of the characters I have created for this series are still popular among viewers.

I initiated an investigative News and Current Affairs Programmed entitled ŠÁVimasuma (Exploration ).Each episode in this series takes up a current , controversial issue. This series has elicited extensive popular attention. This series has won Sri LankaŠśs highest awards for the most outstanding TV program on current Affairs. On two consecutive occasions this series won the highest Award. National Youth Service Council awarded the highest trophy to this program in 1995 .Sumathi enterprises awarded this highest award to this program in 1996. Subsequently, I was promoted as the Head of the News and current Affairs Unit at I.T.N, This was in 1996.

I telecasted three News Bulletins ( Sinhala, Tamil ,English ) daily. In addition, I produced a whole series of News and Current--Affairs Programes. The 1997 I have been assigned as the Head of Youth and Women program Unit. I was produced a weekly magazine program titled ŠÁSannasaŠŤ (commentary). This Unit produces a lineup two hours program on Sundays entitled ŠÁVinividaŠŤ ( pirating ) , it is live program vasanthaya (spring ), a youth oriented program and ŠÁKantha lokayaŠŤ (womenŠśs world) are three programs produced by this Unit . I have three producers and two assistant producers under me in this Unit.
I created the Soap Opera named ŠÁRatathotaŠŤ in 2001. Each episode unfolds as a story by itself. And they are all based on contemporary events and incidents, recreated with wit and sarcasm where necessary and located in easy, popular and common backdrops. The stories also carry home a positive message to the viewer audience though not in a direct way.

- sumith in editing room
sumith in editing room


Characters and their attendant incidents and events are recreated with no malice or defamation to any particular individual, religion or organisation, set in a totally fictional country. This drama quit popular in Sri Lanka. This is a ŠÁsoap operaŠŤ based on international norms and tradition,
Participating Organizations
• Sri Lankan and American Friendship association --- vice president.
• Sri Lanka sarvodaya movement--- Senior media lecture ( )
• Sri Lanka Media Forum -- current Treasurer
• Sri Lanka Taprobane Film Association---president.
• Sri Lanka executive union in I T N---chief organizer.
• Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum ( SLEJF ) Member of executive committee—(
• Sri Lanka Television Trust for the environment ( T V E ) This Organization patron is Sir Arthur C. Clark.
• I am guest producer of this organization. ( )
• Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission Of Sri Lanka.—Senior Media Lecture.(TVEC )
• Sri Lanka Lions club international ( Katuwellagama Branch ) Executive Member.
• International Association for Religious Freedom ( I A R F ) Executive Member.(fax : 941503552 )
• Senior media Lecture of Brightsite Media academy. Sri Lanka. ( )

Special Media Awards
• 'kopi kade' (coffee shop) TV Soap directing award. (150episodes.)given me by Independent Television Network.Year of 1991
• 'kopi kade' (coffee shop) TV Soap directing award. (200episodes.)given me by Independent Television Network.Year of 1992
• 'kopi kade' (coffee shop) TV Soap directing award. (250episodes.)given me by Independent Television Network.Year of 1993
• 'kopi kade' (coffee shop) TV Soap directing award. (300episodes.)Given me by Independent Television Network.Year of 1994
• 'kopi kade' (coffee shop) TV Soap directing award. (350episodes.)Given me by Independent Television Network.Year of 1995
• 'kopi kade' (coffee shop) TV Soap directing award. (400episodes.)Given me by Independent Television Network.Year of 1996

• Special media Award by Sri Lanka"s Buddhist monks Organization,about my media service.In 1995

• The Sri Lanka's best News and current Affairs TV Programme awarded at 'Wimasuma"( explore ) 1995 given by 'Sumathi" publication & Srilanka Youth Council. This is National Television Award festival.
• The Sri Lanka's best News and current Affairs TV Programe awarded at 'Wimasuma"( explore ) 1996 given by 'Sumathi" publication & Sri Lanka Youth Council. This is National Television Award festival.
• 2001 Felicitation Award given to me Hemingway system Sri Lanka.( )
• Honorary Certificate Higher/Honorary service rendered towards the welfare of the country, Nation ,media, Presented By Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic Of Sri Lanka, As the Lay Patron Of the Foundation. 1998. Sri Lanka Foundation.
Famous Tv Comedy "JackLand" Directed by sumith
New Media Mission...

Requirement of an organization for all media personal, In the entire Globe prevail Today.

Time has set in to introduce peace Trough a vast Fruitful mission to all societies infested with a war-torn mentality, In every possible manner the world's mass media could think of.

Fulfillment of this basic requirement comes first.

Presentation through communication media to various communities directly and other wise creatively, the necessity and importance of conservation of organic and inorganic matter in the world, is another.

Affording a training to media artists in this respect.

Representing human rights of media artists and all others..

Irrespective of any bar.. we respect all religions and entire humanity.

Laying of a main foundation to erase_ off persecution and world terrorism through mass media.

Causing through well planed endeavor to exchange among each other all religious back grounds, all social design, all Nationals, every cast and creed, Their music, drama, literature another media cultures.