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About sumith jayantha dias

Trail Blazer of Tv Media SriLanka

In a country where investigative journalism is still not well developed, particularly in the broadcast media, Mr. : Dias has been a trailblazer. For several years he produced the widely acclaimed Investigative television programme called " Wimasuma- Probe "which ran on I.T.N on a weekly basis. It looks date matters of public interest in social, economic, human interest and environmentalsectors. For these efforts, he twice won the Sumathi Television Awards, the leading TV awards festival in SriLanka, for the best current affairs programme.
Was associated with the production of the serialized single episode TeleDrama "Kopi Kade"(coffee shop). To date, it has televised 800 episodes. This serialized TeleDrama has established records in South Asia. Directed more than 275 episodes of this series. This has continued to remain the most popular TeleDrama series in Sri Lanka. Some of the characters created for this series are still popular among viewers.
We take pride in recommending Mr. Sumith Jayantha Dias, a senior TV Programmer at the state owned Independent Television Network. We are a non-profit making voluntary organization of media personnel from all sectors of the media, state as well as private and print as well as electronic and Mr. Dias is a key member of this organization, being its current Treasurer.
Mr. Dias has always shown a very keen interest in acquiring knowledge and new training in the ever-developing field of technology. His craving to experiment also carries him further than most in the trade, as TV Programmer. A very stout hearted programmer, Mr. Dias has proved he would not compromise with his investigative journalistic life, though in the state sector of the media, thus running into conflicts of interest, even with the management. Mr. Dias has many awards, both local and regional,
Kusal Perera
General Secretary / SLMF.
SriLanka Media Forum

- Sumith Jayantha Dias
Sumith Jayantha Dias

SriLanka"s most Talented and outstanding TV Media

Mr:Sumith Jayantha Dias is one of He has been in the Television Field for close to 20 years, which is almost as long as the history of Television in this country. During this period, he has involved in planning,conceptualising and producing a wide range of programmes belonging to various formats such as documentary, TV Drama, musicals ,live programmes and studio productions. He was trained in SriLanka and abroad,and has held several senior positions at the Independent Television Network [ I.T.N Sri Lanka ]_the country's pioneer television station. These positions include Head of News and Current Affairs, and Head of Youth and Women's Programmes.
Sports Division Head...
It has been our pleasure to work with Mr.: Dias during the past few years, on subjects of mutual interest, environment and sustainable development. He has been supportive of our attempts to use the popular television medium to raise environmental awareness levels in SriLanka.
Nalaka Gunawardena,
Executive Director,SLETP
SriLanka Environmental Television Project,


Sumith who directed over 300 episodes

of the famous soap opera “ Kopi Kade’

and many more Famous TeleDrama”s

“Ashirwada” ( Blessings) , Abinishkramanaya “ ( Renunciation ), Rata Tota Soap Opera Telecast TNL ,Sankrantiya (Transition),

Kapuru kande kalu, Won the ‘Sumathi Awards

Consecutively for two years 1995 and 1996

He is a skillful Television Director who participated in training programs on Direction

Documentary and Teledramas.
TELSHAN TV  / Ratathota  TV Soap Opera  Creator  and Director
Indipendent Television Network  / I T N / ( SriLanka s  Pioneer TV Station starting 1979   Work  Was Since  1985 TO 2000 As a Head of  Programs ( News & Current Afairs  /  Youth & Womens Programs / Director of Dramas / Head of Sports Division / Musicals / Dramas / Lives  / Documentaries  /

SWARNAVAHINI TV  / Director Incharge live  Morning programe Swarnodaya 
Maharaja Television in a executive producer Incharge of Good Morning SriLanka TV Live show
work / study and Travel  England /  Kuwait / Singpore / Malaysia / Bahrain / Italy / Netherland / France